Monday, December 17, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I am so impatiently waiting for my copy of  Victoria Findlay Wolfe's book "15 MINUTES OF PLAY". I received a card and a note from Victoria today, informing me that C&T will be sending me a copy. Since I have been following her blog for a while, it is doubly thrilling to win her book. Yippee!!!!

Well, my Dotty Dresden Plate quilt has progressed to the last border. Oh sigh --- I had to go buy some fabric for the last border. Originally, it was going to be a pieced border alternating between white on black, and black on white with dresden plates in the corners. It just did not look right, so Iaid it out with just a black on white fabric and it looked much better. The two black borders with the colorful squares has been sewn on since this picture was taken (the quilt is folded in quarters since it is so large). I found a white on black fabric that repeats one of the fabrics used in the background of the dresden blocks and will work very well for the outer border. Now I just need to cut the border pieces and sew them on. It is such a happy quilt but quite large. 
Easy Street is progressing quite nicely. I have completed part two, have half of part three sewn, and all of part four cut. We have Sew-Sew Monday at a quilt shop in St. Cloud and I hope to catch up with all the parts. Can't wait for part five!!  Getting a little impatient and I should be doing other things. 

We will be having our family Christmas on Sunday, so I need to get the shopping, cooking, and cleaning done. Oh how we set ourselves up!!  Procrastination has done it's job so well again. LOL

Check out Judy's Patchwork Times, to see what others are working on.

Merry Christmas to all!!


  1. Every time I see your Dresden quilt I drool a little bit more :*) It's sooooo happy and colorful! I like the border treatment you are planning - it will set off the dresdens nicely :*)

    I'm hoping to get a lot done on Easy Street today - my first day at home alone with nowhere to go in quite a while :*D

    1. Hi Teresa, The holidays are always such a busy time but Easy Street is fun and "easy", so I know you will be caught up in no time.
      Have a Happy "Quilty" New Year.

  2. Oh I love that Dotty Dresden!! It would make me smile all the time!!

    1. Hey Alycia, Have to admit the Dotty Dresden is one of the most fun quilts I have done in a long time. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful "quilty" New Year.