Sunday, April 27, 2014

Stash Report & Other Doings

Used since last report:         0.00 yards
Used year to Date:              10.33 yards
Added since last report:       4.00 yards
Added Year to Date:             12.00 yards
Net Used for 2014:               1.67 yards

I am so busted!! Needless to say, I was at a quilt shop in Minneapolis for a class and they had some fun bargain fabrics. The shop is "Four Seasons Quilt Shop." For all of you Civil War lovers, they had a wonderful selection.  Couldn't resist the following additions, especially since they were from the bargain area. I did have to purchase the watermelon fabric even though it wasn't on sale. Caught again! LOL

These will make some fun additions to my scrap quilts. I do not have a lot of pink in my stash, so the pink fabrics great additions. Even a couple of Civil War fabrics have been added.

We went to a smelt fry in Harding, MN. They tasted so good! It has been a few years since I have had the opportunity to eat smelt. They are usually caught on Lake Superior when the spawning season starts.

I just finished the series of "A Cobbled Court Quilts" books by Marie Bostwick. They are very good books. Her books cover subjects of the poor economy, domestic violence, and divorce, as well as, how quilting adds friends to our life. It has been a long time since I just put my butt down and did some serious reading. Usually I listen to audio books while sewing. That means I can multitask but It was nice to just relax and read a book. 

Wayne and I went to a show today. It has been ages since the Hubster went to the movies with me. We saw "Heaven is for Real." Very good and followed the book fairly well. The little boy that played Colter was adorable. It was so nice to see that the theater was just about full. 

Hugs to all and make sure you hop over to Patchwork Times and see what others are doing.

Hugs, Beth

Monday, April 21, 2014

What's Up? Not much!

It seems like it has been a busy week but nothing much accomplished. No additions or uses reported for the stash report. The only thing to show for design wall is the pile of handles for patient bags that I turned right side out after sewing a seam down the long side!! Whoopee!! LOL

I did finish a fleece scarf for my youngest daughter. Brenda picked out the thread color for the machine embroidery when she was home in March. Since I was going down to Minneapolis this weekend for Easter, I wanted to get it done. Course now she has to wait until next winter to wear it. Haven't figured out if I am behind or ahead!! I also delivered her finished Log Cabin quilt. She was very happy to finally get it!!

I think winter might finally be over. It was over 70º F.  Whoopee, Yippee, Wow!!  Last Wednesday, we received over 12 inches of snow. The ground had been almost bare of snow but by the end of day, it looked like this -----   The snow is gone again!! Hope it stays gone.

On Saturday, I attended a maintenance class for my Featherweight sewing machine. It was a very good class and I learned a lot. My little machine is just humming now after a thorough cleaning, lube, and oiling. It should help me to better maintain my other vintage machines.

After the class, I went over to my daughter's place. She lives in Minneapolis. Brenda took me on a tour of the hotel (The Commons) where she works. It is a very uniquely decorated place. We then had a leisurely dinner at the hotel, went back to her place and relaxed for the evening. On Easter morning we went to Ikea and I picked up a little kitchen cart that I wanted for in the sewing room. After Ikea we went to a little place called Hazel's and had a delicious brunch. It was a wonderful time spent with Brenda. Then homeward bound I went. Hubby and son had been left to their own devices and it was time to get home and make sure they hehaved -- Very Big Grin!!

Today was Sew-Sew Monday at Gruber's Quilt Shop in St. Cloud, MN. One of the ladies brought in a quilt she is donating to "Breaking Free." What a great quilt. I worked on my "Talkin' Turkey." Might get it done some year! LOL While we were sewing a whole bus load of Canadian quilters stopped into the shop on their way to Paducah. They were doing a fantastic job of shopping. Hope they are not broke before getting to the quilt show! LOL

Hugs to all and make sure you hop over to Patchwork Times and see what others are doing.

Hugs, Beth

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stash Report

Used since last report:         5.00 yards
Used year to Date:              10.33 yards
Added since last report:       0.00 yards
Added Year to Date:             8.00 yards
Net Used for 2014:               2.33 yards

Hey! I am in the black!! That is a rather good feeling. I finished quilting and binding my daughter Brenda's log cabin quilt (see here). The border fabrics, pieced backing, and the binding were all from my stash. I was practicing a new free-motion quilting pattern with piano key quilting in the border. Sure can tell I need to practice more.

Pieced backing with quilting from Brenda's quilt.

We had our Featherweight group sewing session this last Thursday. The members brought blocks using black and white and yellow fabrics. We had more than enough for one quilt and will probably enough for a second quilt when everyone has their blocks done. These quilts are part of our guild service project for Breaking Free (a program to help get women off the street). The quilt looked so sunny and fun, that many of the members were talking about having a block exchange so we can make our own quilt in the same colorway.

I started reading the "Cobble Court Quilts" books by Marie Bostwick. So far, I have read the first two books and have requested the next three from the Library. What great stories. I like that the books present examples of real life situations such as divorce, breast cancer, and domestic abuse. The impact quilting and the friendships formed through our quilting is amazing.

Neither Hubby or Son wanted to go the movie "God's Not Dead" with me, so I went by myself. We have such a nice theater (it has three separate theaters) in the town of Foley, MN, so I definitely didn't mind going by myself. The movie offered a great message and it was wonderful to have the theater packed with so many young people who came to see the move.  I thought they were there to see the movie "Noah" but they all trouped into the theater I was sitting in to see "God's Not Dead".

The snow is almost gone and we actually had a day with close to 70º F. Wow!! What a wonderful heat wave.

Hugs to all and make sure you hop over to Patchwork Times and see what others are doing.

Hugs, Beth