Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stash Report

Again ---- NO Change

The last few weeks have not had a lot happening in the sewing room. No additions or deletions to the stash.

Used since last report:      0.00 yards
Used year to Date:            76.395 yards
Added since last report:    0.00 yards
Added Year to Date:        58.615 yards
Net Used for 2012:           17.78 yards

Oh well!! I did get the bedroom painted, cleaned, and rearranged. Relatives had come to visit. Finished machine quilting a quilt for my friend Mary. Cut and sent off my swap strips for October. Made a trip to Fargo ND for a quilt show and a "Tables du Jour" luncheon. My daughter, Natalie, decorates two tables each year for the luncheon and it is too much fun to miss.
Natalie with one of her decorated tables

Last Monday was a sewing day with my friend Maureen. She sewed half-square triangles that people have given her and I sewed on these blocks that have been in my UFO pile for a while.

Since Monday, I have had a terrible cold. Even my Zicam did not alleviate the symptoms. When I have a cold I have learned not to sew because I make just too many mistakes and then have to "unsew". Today I finally feel human. 

While I have had this cold, I have enjoyed the view out the window at all the wonderful fall colors.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stash Report

No change to the stash!!!  VBG

It has been another one of those weeks when a lot has not been happening in the sewing arena but it has been a fun week. Haven't enhanced or deducted from the stash.

On Tuesday, bowling started and then after bowling I went to machine embroidery club. After club, my friend, Maureen, and I went over to another friend, Mary,  for coffee and to see her sewing area. I just knew that she would have a very organized area and she does!!  Mary has very little stash and everything else is organized in nice pretty boxes. Her ironing station has a dresser for storage under it. Every thing is nice neat. Too bad a little of that wouldn't rub off on me.  LOL

Mary asked me to quilt a charity quilt and I do have it loaded on the frame and have made several passes but haven't finished quilting it. I am only quilting an all-over design on it.
On Wednesday, I went for my back treatment and physical theraply. Since it is 100 miles round trip for my treatments, it seems like it spoils the whole day. At least I am down to only one trip per week, and my back is getting better.

Friday, my hubby and I decided to do a day road trip to northern Minnesota. Due to road construction, we had to take a back route and I thought it was very nice but hubby always likes the freeway. LOL  Seems like sometimes he just gets to driving and forgets to take the time to smell the roses.

My Hummingbirds are feeding like crazy. I imagine one of these days they will be gone until next year. Think I need to put up another feeder next year.  They are so much fun to watch.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Design Wall Monday

September is here and it is time to get back into quilting mode. This summer I have not done a lot of sewing of any kind but as the cool fall weather starts to settle in, I get more energetic. The trees are already starting to turn colors and lose their leaves. The Hummingbirds are feeding in a frenzy, so I suppose my little buddies will soon be gone. They are so much fun to watch, especially since they are right outside my sewing room window.
This is the first time I have put something on "Design Wall Monday." I thought I would share since I had so much fun collecting more dots for my "Dotty" Dresden Plate quilt and I have a sample block ready to be appliqued. All of the black and white background squares have been cut and have been assigned their designated locations. I used both dotty and geometric for the background squares.

Most of the 600 blades have been cut. Thought I would wait until the majority of the blocks are done before cutting the last 30 blades, that way I will be able to see what fabrics need to be added. I think I will wait to start machine appliqueing these down, as they may move around onto different background squares.

Most of the stack of dotty fabrics were in my stash, other than the ones I reported in my stash report. All of the black and white fabrics were from my stash but it doesn't seem like I made a dent even though I will be using over five yards.
This is what the leftover stack of dotty fabrics still looks like. These are only the ones that I used, not the ones that I didn't use!!  ;>)  Have to admit that after working for eight years in a very large quilt shop, my stash grew a lot in that time. My fabric 401K is quite extensive.  (Very large Grin!!!)
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Stash Report

Used since last report:      0.00 yards
Used year to Date:            76.395 yards
Added since last report:     4.625 yards
Added Year to Date:        58.615yards

Net Used for 2012:           17.78yards

This week all will power flew out the window. I did a very nice job of "Stash Enhancement." Honestly ---- I only went into the quilt shops looking for a few dot fabrics with light background for a "dotty" dresden plate quilt on black and white prints that I plan to make. I was only going to get a couple of FQ's. Well, at the first shop I only found these:
Since I was not completely happy with the four FQ's I found, I then proceeded onto the next quilt shop. Wow, they had a lot of wonderful dot fabrics with light background and I just couldn't resist them. I did put some back. Aren't the following fun??? Notice I did break down and buy several that did not fit the criteria of light background.
This little fat eight just looked so cute and lonely I had to buy that as well.
The amount of fabric that is needed for all the blades of the dresden plates is approximately five yards. Notice - I bought 4 5/8th yards. I do not even want to mention how many dot fabrics I already had. Once I started going through my overly generous supply of fabrics, it was amazing how many dot fabrics were already part of the stash. The stack is quite tall.  :>)   How many quilts can I make using dot fabrics?? Ideas!!

I do have a quilt loaded on the frame for machine quilting, but since it is a charity quilt that I am quilting for a friend, I do not get any credit for fabric used or donated.
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