Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stash Report

No change to the stash!!!  VBG

It has been another one of those weeks when a lot has not been happening in the sewing arena but it has been a fun week. Haven't enhanced or deducted from the stash.

On Tuesday, bowling started and then after bowling I went to machine embroidery club. After club, my friend, Maureen, and I went over to another friend, Mary,  for coffee and to see her sewing area. I just knew that she would have a very organized area and she does!!  Mary has very little stash and everything else is organized in nice pretty boxes. Her ironing station has a dresser for storage under it. Every thing is nice neat. Too bad a little of that wouldn't rub off on me.  LOL

Mary asked me to quilt a charity quilt and I do have it loaded on the frame and have made several passes but haven't finished quilting it. I am only quilting an all-over design on it.
On Wednesday, I went for my back treatment and physical theraply. Since it is 100 miles round trip for my treatments, it seems like it spoils the whole day. At least I am down to only one trip per week, and my back is getting better.

Friday, my hubby and I decided to do a day road trip to northern Minnesota. Due to road construction, we had to take a back route and I thought it was very nice but hubby always likes the freeway. LOL  Seems like sometimes he just gets to driving and forgets to take the time to smell the roses.

My Hummingbirds are feeding like crazy. I imagine one of these days they will be gone until next year. Think I need to put up another feeder next year.  They are so much fun to watch.

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  1. Beth, I love the piece you have loaded in your long arm -- lovely! Our hummingbirds have been frenzy feeding, too ... they must know the end of the season is near! :)

    1. The piece on the machine is one that a friend of mine sewed as a donation. It is pretty nice. Now I just have to finish quilting it.
      My hummingbirds appear to have left! BooHoo, I love watching them. I think they left yesterday but I wasn't home.

  2. Oh yes my hummingbirds are going crazy too :*) I love watching them! Sounds like you have been very busy and that is good! Glad to hear your back is doing much better.

    1. Do you suppose my hummingbirds will meet up with your hummingbirds on their way futher south? I think mine left on Monday. They haven't been around today.