Friday, February 1, 2013

Get it Done - February

Well, I sure did not do a good job of "getting it done" in January. I am always thinking that I will accomplish more than do. I did manage to complete the top of Easy Street and I am very happy with the outcome. The black & white Nancy Crow project just did not inspire me in any way once I put it up on the design wall, so have decided to scrap it and do something else for my B&W challenge for Crossing Borders (contemporary art quilt group that I belong to). I just may work some of the components into the challenge. Who knows.
The Pine Tree table runner is on the quilting frame, but not quilted and bound. Also, I did not complete the Quilt of Valor quilt that I started. Brenda's quilt did not get machine quilted either. It is amazing how the month got away from me. Some things not on my list were completed. I cut squares for the postage stamp swap and sent them off in the mail. Finished piecing components for Blue Ridge Beauty and am now ready to piece the blocks. Blue Ridge Beauty is my group sew-in project because it is always ready for me to just grab and go with it.
January 2013 Get It Done:
· Machine quilt Brenda's quilt
· Complete Easy Street pieced top - Completed in January
· Piece and quilt the NY Sit & Sew QOV quilt
· Complete black & white Nancy Crow class project (this will fulfill my Crossing Borders challenge for January). - Scrapped this project
· Pine Tree table runner
February 2013 Get It Done: 
· Machine quilt Brenda's quilt
· Piece and quilt Quilt of Valor quilt (Counting this as two items)
· Pine Tree table runner quilted and bound
I will try not to over schedule myself so much in the future.
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  1. Your Easy Street quilt looks great. I am going to have to check out that little iron - thanks for the tip. Enjoy your retreat! Best of luck with February's goals.

    1. I really liked the iron when I used it in the shop but the one I bought seems to drag on the fabric and not slide. Hoping it gets better after I use it a while. Will let everyone know how the iron works out. I have been in Fargo for a couple of days but have mostly been nursing a cold. I have been doing a lot of sleeping.
      Thanks for the kuddos on ES! :>D

  2. you got more done on your list than I did on mine! Mine is gonna get longer as I am selling one quilting machine and getting a new one! I'm excited..but anxious to find a buyer for my outgoing model.

    1. Beth,
      Thanks for visiting. Can understand the anxiety of selling a quilting machine. A person never knows how long before it gets sold. Hope it sells fast. Looks like you are progressing with your reorganization. :>D