Friday, April 19, 2013

Minnesota Spring???

How's this for enjoying the deck on a wonderful Minnesota Spring day? I am trying very hard not to complain about all the snow, but 14 inches on April 19th --- does get to be a little much. That is on top of all the snow we had on the ground before this latest snow.  Usually I love snow but --- WHINE, WHINE --- I AM READY FOR SPRING!!!  The silver lining is that we are not getting all of the rain and severe storms that are down south. I do feel for all of them.

So with all of the snowing, I have been sewing, sewing!!  The string quilt top from Design Wall Monday on  March 18th ( has been completed and I have started a second one. The first one is on display at a local quilt shop and I forgot to take a photo of it before letting it go. DUH!!!  The second string quilt contains the blocks rejected from the first one. The rejected blocks have pink, floral, and other more feminine fabrics in them. Since I was dedicating the quilt for the Eagles Healing Nest which houses predominately men, I wanted the first quilt to have a little more masculine look to it.

Our contemporary quilt group did a group project two years ago and the sixteen pieces included in the project have finally come home 
( I was very happy with the way my piece turned out because I was able to try several different techniques.

My piece looks a lot like the current snowy view out the window, except that I do not have the river.

Well, enough WHINING for today. Hope this catches everyone else safe without bad storms or flooding.


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