Sunday, August 24, 2014

Stash Report and Catching Up

Used since last report:          0.00 yards
Used year to Date:              20.33 yards
Added since last report:        5.25 yards
Added Year to Date:            30.125 yards
Net Used for 2014:               - 9.795 yards

It is amazing how fast the month of August has gone by. This month has been a busy month. I spent almost a full week at the end of July and beginning of August up in Fargo. It was time to do the Chipper watch while my daughter Natalie & SIL went to Sturgis, SD.  Chipper is my daughter's dog. He is always a character and fun to watch. 
Chipper being very busy holding down the couch!!
My friend, Mary, joined me for two nights and a day for some fun time of sewing while I was watching Chipper. I think she came mainly to visit Chipper!! LOL She has been working on a quilt made out of 30's fabrics and is trying very hard to use up her supply. (Good try, Mary!!)
Mary's quilt.
While in Fargo, I worked on a quilt using batiks and the 7" Crazy Curves template set. I sewed 80 blocks and when I got home, selected a lot more batiks and sewed another 40 blocks. Now I just need to lay the whole thing out. 
A portion of the Crazy Curves Quilt.
I was only too glad to get back home. The day after getting home, Hubby and I joined our youngest daughter, Brenda, at a Minnesota Twins game at Target Field in Minneapolis. It was a gorgeous day, but the Twins lost the game. This was our Christmas present from Brenda. We just had to pick a date to attend.
Hubby & I at the ballgame with Brenda.
We had our Featherweight sewing day. Most of the ladies worked on their Strippy quilts and I worked on my Celtic Solstice.  Hope to have it pieced and quilted by the end of September. There was also some "Show & Tell".
Love, love this quilt by Featherweight member.
Has wool applique'.
Celtic Solstice
This is the time of the year when I pick up a case of beets to make beet pickles. It is always nice to have all of the mess done in one go and then clean up.  They are always so pretty when all done. Also made some refrigerator pickles. Nummmmm! I do like all the fresh vegies and pickles at this time of the year. The green beans and tomatoes are ready to go wild!

Last Thursday and Friday, was a little retreat at Mary's cabin by Mille Lacs Lake. We all got a lot accomplished. Mary was sewing on another 30's quilt and had another that she worked on at Sew-Sew Monday. That's three quilts of 30's fabric. (Still doesn't have all of that 30's fabric used up! LOL)

I started one of those strippy quilts and a Scrappy Trips quilt. The center of the strippy quilt is sewn and now I just need something for the borders. Since the quilt was from stash and not a jelly roll, it was too wide. So I cut off the extra width and will work it into the border. Hope to find a dark solid looking batik that will work.

Scrappy Trips blocks
Strippy Quilt

There are a lot of projects started, now I just need to finish some! LOL

Hugs to all and make sure you hop over to Patchwork Times and see what others are doing.

Hugs, Beth


  1. What a great post. You shared so many lovelies! I especially love the Crazy Curves quilt. Make a back from various fabrics in your stash and you'll go into the black in your numbers.

    1. A Nudge, Hey - Thank you for stopping by. Wasn't sure how the Crazy Curves was going to turn out but I just pulled from the stash what looked like it would work with the border fabric I have picked out. Yes, I have been trying to utilize more of my stash for backings. Now I just need finishes!! LOL

  2. Hi Beth,

    Looks like your August has been full of adventures and quilts!

    Chipper looks like a real sweetie.

    I am so jealous as I have been looking for beets, our farmers market hasn't had enough to can.

    1. Hi Dee Dee, August has been a fun month. To get beets, we went right to the location where the supplier for the farm stands has all of his supplies. It seems like they never have enough at the stands or markets. Try looking up "Upick" places. They may have enough where you can either pick them yourself, or you can order and they will pick for you.

  3. What a wonderful post filled with eye-candy! Your crazy curves is so dramatic, good job! Cute strippy, too! I also noticed that chipper likes lying on top of a quilt to snooze, LOL!

    1. Hi Vic, Yes, Chipper always knows the best spot in the house to lay!! LOL The quilt that Chipper is laying on has an interesting story with it. The part shown is the back of the quilt which was pieced. The quilt was called the "Railroad" quilt which I made as a model for Gruber's Quilt Shop. People who bought the pattern, thought part of the pattern was missing because there were no directions for piecing the back.

  4. Great quilts! You certainly have been a busy quilter this month. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    1. Hi Jean, Hey thanks for stopping by! August has been a fun month. Hopefully September will be as fruitful.