Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fabric Report

Used/donated since last report:    11.75 yards
      Used year to Date:                               25.25 yards

Added since last report:                9.25 yards
      Added Year to Date:                             20.75 yards

Net Used for 2015:                                        4.50 yards

Well, it sure has been a while since reporting any activity. Early summer has arrived and winter has gone by since my last post. It just seems like time flies by.

I joined a "Batik BOM Club" at Colorz Quilt Shop in Brainerd. Thought I would go a different direction for a change and meet some new people. Here are the blocks we have done so far:

For a service project for the St. Cloud Heritage Quilters guild, I sewed up ten pillowcases. Sure helps with the fabric report.

During the last snowstorm, I sewed a "Classmate" case, designed by Atkinson Designs. It will be a nice little case for my hand work to travel with me. I was suppose to take a class to make the case, but the drive was so bad that I turned around and came back home. Since I had done so much prep work for sewing the case, I just went ahead and finished making it. It was a fun project.

Last Monday, we had Sew-Sew Monday. Mary K. and I agreed to bring our Celtic Solstice quilts for show and tell. It is amazing how different they look. 
Mary's Celtic Solstice quilt
My Celtic Solstice quilt
In April, I grand-dog sit my daughter Brenda's dog, Zoe. She is 14 years old and really not hard to watch. Zoe did not want to pose for the camera, so she is hiding behind the table! LOL

We did have a scare with my MIL who is 102 years old. She was put into hospice care and not given long to live. That is almost two months ago and she is still going strong. Now the doctors think it could be six months. Who knows? She is showing those doctors up!! 

Now is the time of the year when it is so nice to be outside after the long winter. This year I need to stain the posts and railing on the front of the house, and hoping to get the deck done as well. We also have to have new roofing installed. Hope all of this doesn't keep me from getting some sewing done! Priorities - Right???

Hugs to all and make sure you hop over to Patchwork Times to see what others are doing.

Hugs, Beth


  1. Welcome back to blogging! I thoroughly enjoyed your post and I loved the variety of your pillowcases. Your Celtic Solstice is a real beauty and you should be very very proud of it! The case looks like wayyyyy too much work for lazy me, LOL! Glad your Mother-In-Law is showing up the quacks for what they think that they know.

    1. Hey Vic, Nice to hear from you. So sorry to hear about your relapse. Take care of yourself so you can keep on quilting! :>) It will be good to catch up with the blogging. Even my daughters sometimes keep track of me through the blog! LOL Yes, the case took a little time but Atkinson always writes very good directions. Sometimes I even follow them!

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  3. The batik BOM sounds a good idea - I should try and set one up amongst quilters I know, I have an awful lot of batik!! Love the colours of your pillowcases.

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping in. The BOM has been fun. I have pulled a bunch of fabric from my stash. Next month we'll start thinking of ideas for settings. The pillowcases are a great way to use up stash that will never make it into a quilt. They are such a good service project.