Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Happenings & Huge Changes

New Location
As I look back at photos from the last year, it is amazing how much has changed. In July 2016 we moved only 50 miles but it seems like a huge distance due to the lifestyle change. We are now up in the Brainerd lakes area of Minnesota. We downsized a lot but the way the house is laid out, we do not feel like it is smaller. Hubby likes it a lot up here as much as I do. He plays cards almost everyday and in between he does some fishing.

The house we now live in allows me to have all my sewing/quilting on one level and there is a sitting area for friends to come and sew with me. My longarm machine is on the same level as well. I feel so completely spoiled!!

Sitting area

Sewing Area
2017 has been wonderfully busy.  In January and February, I was able to attend three retreats. It is such a nice way to socialize and get a lot of sewing done. One of the retreats is a group that gets together three times a year and we have a blast. (Doesn't it look like it?) We did our own photo booth on one of the days.

Sonia (on left) & me
A lot of sewing has been going on but not a lot of finishes. Hope to get some of the UFO's done.

Spring fever is hitting in a big way and I am so ready to discover all that is planted in the gardens and start to put my stamp on them. The tulips that I planted last fall have started to come up. Happy Easter!

Hugs, Beth

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