Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quilt Show in Korea

"River" at the quilt festival in Korea
In our quilt guild, we have small groups that meet outside of the guild meetings. One of the groups that I belong to is a contempory quilt group called, Crossing Borders.  Each year we make up a list of challenges for each month. In 2010, sixteen of us agreed to a challenge called the "River". Our section of the river was to be an 18" wide wallhanging with a facing (not a binding) and we had to have the river enter on one side of the wallhanging a specific point and exit on the other side at a predetermined spot. Also, we were to use some of the hand dyed fabric for the river that one of our members dyed. This project has received so much attention, that we were invited to show the whole project at the Minnesota Quilter's Quilt Show in June, 2011. It was also shown in our St. Cloud Heritage Quilter's quilt show in October, 2011. We were invited after the Minnesota show to send our project to Korea for the "2012 Quilt Festival Korea." Two of our members took the wallhangings in their carry-ons to Korea for the show and hung all the pieces at the show. They wanted to make sure that everything got there on time and didn't get lost. They are having a great time in Korea and have found time to shop and explore.
     *** My section is the seventh from the left. It is the winter scene. Just like out my kitchen windows but I do not have a river!!!

It has been a fun and exciting time for us. Wouldn't it have been awesome to go to Korea for the show????

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