Monday, April 2, 2012

Orca Bay -- Done!!!

I am so excited to finally have the top done for Orca Bay. Added extra borders to get the top up to a small queen size - 87 1/2" x 97".  Showed it to my hubby and his only reaction was to say, "lot of little pieces!"  You can tell he is extremely thrilled!! LOL  He is also a man of few words (most of the time).

Since the top is so full of threads, I will be spending some time clipping threads and getting it ready to go on the quilting machine. Yaaaaa!!!!  Done!!!!  No longer a turtle ---

This also completes my February 2012 UFO Challenge project.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! It is drop-dead gorgeous, be proud!

    1. Thank you!! It was hard to keep focused and finish it but well worth it. Always want to be on to the next project!!

  2. What a beautiful quilt-it reminds me of stained certainly does have "lots of little pieces"--it is a treasure.....