Monday, April 9, 2012

UFO Completions

Hey! It feels good to finish another UFO challenge project. For March, my UFO was a queen size blue and yellow log cabin quilt. It is not quilted. Have to admit I am getting quite a stack of tops (flimsies) on my stair railing. When I start machine quilting, I should have a nice pile of quilts to work on. This will give me plenty of chances to practice some of my machine quilting.  I have the April UFO to finish and then I am going to start quilting the stack of "flimsies". (Love that name)
It is nice to finish some of the UFO's laying around and it is a plus to report fabric usage.


  1. Way to go Beth! Hey, you know the difference between us middle-age ladies and a computer? Figuring out what to do with the "floppies"!!! That's what I always think about when I hear the word "flimsies" - maybe because at my age, floppies and flimsies are both a pretty accurate description! :*D

    1. Teresa, I sure can buy into the "floppies"!!! My chuckly for the day. LOL

  2. A stunning quilt, I love your choice of colours and how you chose to layout the log cabin blocks.