Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stash Report

Used this Week:                        0.00 yards
Used year to Date:                  63.77 yards
Added this Week:                     3.50 yards
Added Year to Date:               39.455yards
Net Used for 2012:                   24.315 yards
On Thursday, May 31st, I went up to Fargo to help my daughter and her husband move. I did not do a lot of the actual moving but did help to wipe cabinets and closets down, so they could put kitchen things and clothes away. On Saturday morning (June 2nd) I just had to take a picture of Chipper in his new home watching breakfast being made. Of course, he was hoping something would fall on the floor. (Some of you may remember "Sad Dog" from January - that would be Chipper). My daughter is doing the cooking and I am positive she will adore this picture!!  LOL
On my way home from Fargo I just could not resist stopping at one of my favorite quilt shops on the way home from Fargo last weekend. Found some pieces I just could not do without.  Of Course the bottom two pieces are Halloween and were on sale. Who can resist SALE?
I will probably use some of the black and white prints in my grandson's graduation quilt. Does that sound like justification or what?? I probably have enough black and white prints to make quite a number of quilts.
Now I just need to finish sewing and then quilting some of the projects so that the number used increases.
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  1. Love your purchases! Next week you can refrain from buying (that is if there's no sale around -hehe)

    1. I will be in trouble this week. Scheduled to go to the MN Quilt Show and there will be lots of good "stuff."

  2. Love your purchases! Sale is the word that was invented to create in us an inexplicable, undeniable urge to BUY! It works on me ever time :*)