Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stash Report

Used this Week:                  0.00 yards
Used year to Date:            64.27 yards
Added in the last Week:    7.75 yards
Added Year to Date:         50.365 yards

Net Used for 2012:            13.905 yards
I am so bummed. Worked away quilting Jake's graduation quilt this last week so I could present it to him yesterday. All was going well on Friday. I changed thread on top for doing the border and the first border was progressing nicely with no issues. Continued quilting the other borders and "Yaahoo", thought I was done. Whipped that quilt off the frame and then took a good look at the last border. OMG -  all sorts of awful stitching on the back and it all needs to be ripped out. What that meant is that I could only show Jake his quilt yesterday and then be a "take it back Susie" and take the quilt back home. So I will be ripping stitches out today. Don't know when we will either get to Fargo, ND, next or my daughter will be home, so that I can send the quilt back to Jake. Oh, RATS!!!!! Procrastination sure can get me into trouble.
I love the term "stash enhancement" that another blog member coined for the additions we make to our stash. In justification for my "enhancements," 5 1/2 yards were for the back of Jake's quilt. I also purchased 3/4 yard for the binding, so that means I only splurged on 1 1/2 yards that will go to increasing the stash. Oh well, I am still in the black.

We were in Fargo for July birthdays on Saturday. My daughter, Natalie (middle child), turned 40!!  Her husband, Norm, has his birthday this month and Jake will be 19 at the end of the month. Since Natalie and Norm just moved into a different house and have a lot of projects/painting they want to get done, we gave them gift cards and cash. Natalie did get one of the cup cozies that I showed a couple of weeks ago. It was a fun day visiting because all of our children were at Natalie's yesterday.

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  1. Yep, you can read about my further adventures in Stash Enhancement today Beth! LOL!!! I'm sorry your quilting decided to make life messy for you. Tearing stitches out is no fun!!! But it will be worth it once he finally gets it and falls in love :*)

  2. Beth, those 6 1/4 yards do not reside in your stash, right? They're on the back of Jake's quilt and soon to be bound. So really your numbers should be only 1 1/2 yards added which is not much (LOL), so you did good! Sorry about your troubles quilting it.

  3. Sorry about the problem with the quilting. It does happen to us all, and I know it will be beautiful when you finish it.

  4. I just hate it when that happens (and it has happened to me several times). Don't you wish you knew what caused it? He will love the quilt whenever he gets it - and most likely, it's too hot to use it now anyway!