Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Midwest Machine Quilters Show - Machine Quilting Today

Wow! It feels like I have been gone forever since I left in July and returned home in August. A week ago yesterday (July 29th) is when I headed down to Minneapolis to stay with my youngest daughter, Brenda, overnight. On Tuesday, July 30, my friends and I headed over to Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, for the Machine Quilting Today Quilt Show  (http://www.mqtoday.com/index.html). It is a small show but the teachers were awesome. I had classes with Dusty Farrell, Cathy Franks, Sue Patten, and others.

Cathy Franks class was on Kaleidoscope Quilting. She looks at old cut glass plates for design ideas. They would be great fill for round spaces. Below is one of her samples.

Cathy Franks Sample

I also took "Edge to Edge Elegance" with Dusty Farrell. His designs are nice and relaxed and can cover a lot of space in a hurry. He also offered design ideas for "guy" quilts. 

Dusty drawing his flame design.

Best of Show & Viewers Choice quilt was "America, Let It Shine" by Sherry Reynolds. It is an absolutely stunning quilt, but what is even better is the story behind the quilt. It is a tribute to our county and was in answer to questions by her children regarding what this country stands for. The words to the Pledge of Allegiance, the Bill of Rights, and other documents are embroidered in the quilt. Sherry is such a nice and humble person and it is wonderful the recognition this quilt has been collecting. 

An interview with Sherry is available at this site: http://www.quiltviews.com/sherry-reynolds-america-let-it-shine

While at the show we attended an auction to raise money for QOV quilts. Twelve Quilts of Valor were presented during the auction. Over $3000 was raised. Two of our group went home with items from the auction. One of the items was a pillow quilted by Sue Patten.

We all had a fun and informative time at the show and it was nice to get home on Saturday.


  1. Oh! I bet you had a WONDERFUL time! I am so ready to be able to do a few shows/retreats! Our youngest son starts his 1st day of his senior year TODAY! (I know...Arizona starts early and ends early...its the heat. Its gone to our brains! lol) and Funny you should talk about baseball- we went to the Diamondback/Rays game last night. We won! 6-1..they seem to win when we go! Love the Kathy Franks sample!

    1. Wow! School already. Enjoy your sons last year. They are gone before you know it. We have cool fall weather right now. Amazing how fast summer goes. Isn't it great when our baseball teams win when we go to their games? Next year I am hoping I can save up to go to Sisters, Oregon for the show. It is on my bucket list. Thanks for visiting and take care ---