Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Twins Baseball, Beet Pickles, Hummingbirds

On Sunday, August 4th, Hubby and I attended a Twins Baseball game with our daughter Brenda. She purchased the tickets as our Christmas presents and we finally were able to get our schedules together to attend the game. This was the first time my husband, Wayne, and I have attended a Twins game at the new Target Field in Minneapolis. There is not a bad seat in the house but ours was awesome. The weather was great and the Twins won against the Astros. It was even a  threed-game sweep which was even sweeter.

It was also the first time to take the train into Minneapolis. Going in was great, but coming home was standing room only and it was hot. We survived!!  LOL

On the way home, we stopped at a farmers market and I picked up 25 pounds of beets for beet pickles. So guess what I was doing on Monday.

Monday was a day spent cooking, peeling and then pickling beets. My family loves them. For quite a few years while I was working and attending school, I did not can anything. They all got very hungry for some of my pickles, especially my beet pickles. The ones in the stores just are not the same.

The jars look so pretty.

The Hummingbirds have been sucking up the nectar like crazy. Do they know something I don't???? Usually they only drink so much just before they leave for the season. Sometimes there are as many as four Hummingbirds sitting on the feeder eating at the same time. I have never seen them do that before. They are usually so busy chasing others away. Aggressive little dickens!! LOL

Since I was gone for almost a whole week, and I will be leaving the Hubby on his own again, I spent the day bumming with him. Need to spend a little time with him or he will forget what I look like!

Have a great day ---


  1. Ahhh, those beet pickles look even tastier stting on red and white gingham! I do not can but I admire those who do. Good job!

    1. Come on over and have some pickles! It is one of the few things that I still can. The store does a wonderful job on the rest of the stuff. LOL