Sunday, December 1, 2013

Stash Report

Used since last report:        1.00 yards
Used year to Date:             62.00 yards
Added since last report:     0.00 yards
Added Year to Date:          96.17 yards
Net Used for 2013:            - 34.17 yards 

Last Monday was sewing at my home with two of my friends. Mary worked on the most adorable pinwheel blocks. Maureen and I worked on aprons for our sewing machines. We had some free machine embroidery that we wanted to use on the pockets of the aprons. I actually get to report fabric used since the apron is totally complete!! LOL (Usually projects get left close to completion but not totally complete.)  

Mary's pinwheel blocks

Maureen's sewing machine apron with the cutest sewing machine fabric.
Sewing machine apron for Nina, my Singer 99.
Thanksgiving day started out with a light snow. Since we live in the country, it always looks so serene and peaceful. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day with our family. Of course there was too much food and everyone was stuffed. As a way to keep from vegetating in front of the idiot box (TV), we went bowling. The guys beat the ladies royally (we did not have any handicap set for the ladies - that is my excuse and I am sticking with that!!)  Our daughter Natalie and family from Fargo, ND, left on Friday morning. Our son was out with friends and we spent a quiet day with our youngest daughter. Brenda left Saturday morning for Minneapolis. Amazing how quiet it gets when everyone has left --- but I get to go quilt!!! LOL

View off the back deck Thursday morning. Quiet and serene!!
Thanksgiving is past and now the race is on for Christmas. If others are like me, the week before Christmas is when I get most of my shopping done.

Friday morning the first step to Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice mystery was published. Since then, I have slowly been cutting my peaky part of  "Peaky and Spike" (Doreen Speckman named the units more years ago then I care to remember). The 3 1/2" strips have been cut of the blue fabrics for the spikes. Hope to have them all cut this morning.

Peaky units.
I hope that everyone had a wonderful week!!

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  1. Your sewing machine apron is a great idea. Happy memories, bowling with your family. Enjoy your quilting time.

    1. The aprons are so nice to put sewing supplies in the pockets, out of the way. Now I need to make some more for my traveling machines! LOL The bowling was fun even if the guys cleaned up on us. (Grin) Hope your day was great, Hugs,

  2. It sounds like you had the perfect Thanksgiving Beth! Is there anything more wonderful than special times spent with our loved ones? Nope, I can't think of anything.

    LOVE your sewing machine aprons!!! I keep saying I need to make one of those, but I never do. And I'm still on the fence about Celtic Solstice. I hate to miss a Bonnie Mystery, but I really don't want to start a new project when I have way too many projects sitting in piles in my studio already...... I'm printing out the clues for now and may jump in if it gets to be too much to resist :*)

    1. It was a great Thanksgiving. I really shouldn't start a new quilt either, but all the fabric should be able to come from stash -- So that justifies it, RIGHT!! LOL

  3. What a fun Thanksgiving you had with all of your family. Thanks for reminding me of Bonnie's new mystery. Will have to go there and print out the parts. Those aprons are such a good idea!

    1. My friend and I have been going to make these for a year. So the idea was well aged!! LOL Hope you are able to join the mystery. This year I am going to sew it all on my vintage machine show with her new apron. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving,

  4. What a peaceful view from your deck - it looks great.
    Love the sewing machine aprons - do the pockets hold sewing notions? I had thought of the Bonnie Hunter mystery but chickened out because of time!

    1. The pockets are a great place to store extra notions and bobbins. Keeps me from knocking things on the floor. they were fun to make. Maybe next time you will be able to join in on a Bonnie Hunter mystery. The quilts are challenging but fun. Have a great day, Hugs,