Saturday, February 4, 2012

Clean Sewing Room

Almost!!!  It is not quit clean, but the sewing room is presentable enough to take pictures. Since I featured my daughter's sewing room while I was in Fargo, thought it was only fair to show mine.  So here goes ---

View as you walk in from the kitchen/living room area:
To the left, as you walk in, is my design wall.  I have two rods from which the design wall hangs and it works like sliding closet doors. The center and largest piece of foam slides on the front rod.  The two smaller pieces of foam slide on the back rod. (This idea came from sliding closet doors my Mother had on her closet)  There are cabinets behind the covered foam insulation boards which hold fabric and projects. The panels easily slide to expose any section of cabinet I want.  ** You can see a section of Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Bargelo in progress in the center.
This picture shows the cabinets behind the design wall panels. I also have storage up above the cabinets.
Moving around the corner of the room is my ironing area. I have a big board on the top of a shelving unit. (If it takes up space, it has to have storage. An ironing board provided no storage.) There is a covered idea board on the wall above the ironing station.  My laptop is on a rolling cart which can be moved any place in the room.
On the same wall as the ironing station is the first sewing/embroidery station. In the corner, I have a tall bookcase that holds books, magazines, and my TV. 
Moving around the corner, is the second sewing station. The cabinet was made by a cabinet maker when I bought my first Bernina in 1984. There are french doors behind the cabinet which I never use. The room is suppose to be a formal dining room, but who really uses a formal dining room very often? Sewing takes priority -- doesn't it??
Going around the last corner, I have my cutting table which is on the same type of shelving unit as the ironing station. The shelving units were on sale and very inexpensive. I did purchase a ruler rack for on the wall. It holds a lot of my rulers and my spinning cutting mat. My templates are stored in a bag hanging from the shelf bracket for the wall shelves.
Last area is my sitting area. Have to have two chairs because my children often join me in the sewing room when they are home. (Dad only watches westerns and my son likes a lot of the same programs that I watch.) The girls like to see what I am working on and check out current books and magazines. There is a little blue shelving unit made with wooden spools to separate the shelves behind the chairs. It was a find at an occasional sale. They are so much fun. The table between the chairs is half of my grandmother's sewing cabinet. She had sawed the center section out and made end tables. I only got one of them.
The room is 12' x 14'.  Thought it was going to be large enough to hold everything but ----  IT DOESN'T!!!  I only keep what is current in this room. Other projects, fabrics, and supplies are stored in a walk-in closet in one of the bedrooms. My mid-arm quilting machine on a frame is kept downstairs. Gives me an excuse to get some exercise by going up and down stairs. This room is always in transition because I am always thinking there is a better way to arrange everything, hoping to get more into it.


  1. I had to check your blog again-hadn't for a while. I'm glad to see your sewing space; it is fun to see how others do it. I did get an idea to change my ironing space soon to have storage beneath it. I can't believe I hadn't thought of that-Thanks! Hope you have been well and maybe we'll see you soon.

    1. Hey, Darlene! Glad you like the ironing storage. Can't waste space. Need it for all the stuff!!! LOL

  2. I saw your ironing board with storage space beneath it and told my husband to go to the storage unit in our backyard and retrieve my long dresser. It would be perfect!! I was sooo excited. Then he informed me that we gave it to his niece over a year ago. Boo hoo. Now I'm checking second hand stores. I love your idea!!

    1. Jeanne, Glad you like the idea of storage beneath the ironing surface. It is always fun to collect ideas from others and I am always checking out others sewing/quilting areas.