Friday, February 3, 2012

Guild Meeting

Wouldn't you know that I would not only forget my name tag but, also, my camera for the guild meeting. We had such an interesting young man (18 years old) as our guest speaker at the St. Cloud Heritage Quilters guild meeting. He designs patterns and has been doing this for a few years. His name is Doug Leko of "Antler Quilt Design".  What a fun person he was, and very relaxed in front of a group of women. We were impressed by all his energy. He is a High School Senior, attends business college one night a week, teaches, designs patterns, and has now added long arm machine quilting to his list of things he does. Wow ---  Did I ever have that much energy?  Maybe when my children were young and I had to manage to multi-task while I had a little one hanging on my leg and one resting on the hip. That was a looooooooooong time ago!!

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