Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Flowers

Today was my bowling day. Had two games that were at least my average and one game that --- bleep, bleep!!!!  After bowling, my teammates and I go to lunch. We are a very noisy group, have the same waitress each week (she adds to the noise), and have gained a reputation in the small town where we bowl. People almost want to evacuate the restaurant. LOL

Today a special surprise arrived at the restaurant --- FOR ME!!!   Flowers from the Hubby. What a wonderful surprise. Of course, there was a great deal of teasing and we won't go into some of the comments!!!  Hubby knew I was feeling a little down and upset over some stuff with our son, and so he thought he would cheer me up. Well, he certainly did.  Since we live 20 miles from town, he had them delivered to the restaurant because he knew they would not deliver to our house.  Aren't they beautiful???  Guess I will keep him for another 44 years!!  Tee Hee!!!

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