Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Girls Weekend

I am getting so excited. Every year my two daughters (Natalie & Brenda) and I plan a weekend of getting together and having fun. This years weekend starts Thursday evening, May10th. The girls should arrive home sometime Thursday evening. On one of the days, there is a shop hop of Antique/Boutique shops. Should be fun (and I will try not to buy anything --- LOL).  Also, I have some coupons for a couple of fun places to eat during the hop. There is a craft show for Saturday. No set plans but the weather for Saturday sounds beautiful. 
On the left is Brenda and Natalie is on the right.

The above picture of the girls was taken in Scotland 2 1/2 years ago.  I had always wanted to go to Scotland (don't ask me why, because I don't know) and the girls both decided to go with me. It was a great trip. I loved the country. We also spent a day and two evenings in London before flying home. Great sights.

I realized that I need to get some updated pictures of the girls together. Brenda is the youngest, Natalie is the middle child, and my son, Byron, is the oldest.  Natalie is going to be 40 this year!!!  Boy --- am I starting to feel old. LOL

Since I have had to do some house cleaning this week, not a lot going on in the sewing room. Guess the stash report is going to be "zero."


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  1. I know you are looking forward to fun times with the girls! There is nothing like getting to spend time with our loved ones, especially those that are not near. Have loads of fun and take lots of pictures to share :*)