Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stash, Retreat & Nina

Used since last report:        0.00 yards
Used year to Date:             61.00 yards
Added since last report:   15.50 yards
Added Year to Date:          86.67 yards
Net Used for 2013:          - 25.67 yards

Boy, Oh Boy!!! The stash report is looking sad but I just had to do it! LOL  The Country Caboose had an Anniversary Sale with 30% off. In the last couple of years, I have used a lot of neutrals up, so the sale was the perfect time to replenish my neutral stash.  Thirteen and a half yards should keep me going for a while. I also added two yards of Civil War fabrics for swapping in January. 

Besides all of the purchases, I received my squishy of postage stamp squares from the postage stamp swap. What fun to receive these packages. Hubby always brings the packages in and then asks "what did I buy him?". I did very nicely offer to share with him. I don't think he was impressed!! LOL  Already using some of the squares for leaders/enders.

Last weekend, I was at retreat at Bugbee Hive Resort in Paynesville, MN. This was the third year I have attended this retreat and as usual, it was a fun time. Some of the ladies finished wonderful flimsies. The bottom picture is Lois with her quilt made with the "10-Minute Block" and I think I have to try this. It is a great stash buster and super easy. This retreat includes scrapbookers. I was sitting with a group of digital scrapbookers. They were very cute, but "toooooo" quiet, since they were working on their computers with ear buds plugged in most of the time. Must have to do something about that!!   VBG

While at the retreat, I sewed more blocks for my neutral "Strip Twist" quilt by Bonnie Hunter, basket blocks for a basket quilt, and string blocks for "Talkin' Turkey" from the book "String Fling" by Bonnie Hunter. Made some nice progress.

Bonnie Hunter has posted her fabric suggestions for this years mystery quilt,Celtic Solstice.   Since the requirements have posted, there has been discussion about, "who plans to use their vintage sewing machines to sew the mystery?" Well, I decided to dig little Nina out of storage and get her set-up to sew. I bought her at an auction for $25.00 a number of years ago and everything was there and worked. I did spend some time oiling, cleaning, changing needles, and setting the tension on Saturday. Nina is a 1931 Singer 99, which is a three-quarter size head. People have confused the Singer 99 with a Featherweight, but she is definitely not a Featherweight (weights a lot and is larger). Instead of a foot petal, she had a knee control that inserts into the side of the case. Nina is a sweet little lady and I am looking forward to sewing on her.

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  1. Looks like such a fun retreat. Too bad about those digital scrapbookers though, perhaps they will join in next time.

    1. They were sure nice and cute. They laughed when I told them they needed to be more noisy and said they would try harder next year. I always enjoy the younger generation. They keep me from becoming a "crotchety" old lady!! LOL

  2. Hi Beth,
    Nice machine...I'm also going vintage on the mystery, just have not decided which one yet. Are you using Bonnie's colors? I think I will use the color families but have some older Thimbleberries that might make the cut.

    1. Let me know what machine you decide to use. I do have a couple of Featherweights but Nina is just such a sweet machine. I am going to go with the color families that Bonnie is using but think I will lean towards "Civil War" colors. Not positive at this point. Depends on what is in the stash.

  3. Oh my, I love Nina!!! I will probably use my Featherweight to work on the mystery. I still haven't pulled fabrics, but I'm planning to make this one very small, so I'm sure I have enough fabrics in the stash to take care of it :*)

    Sounds to me like you were very, very smart to plump up your neutrals stash during a great sale! Way to go!!! I love the Bonnie quilts you have in progress. I'm working on Talking Turkey with a couple of friends - it's one of my favorite quilts!!!

    1. Nina is such a sweet machine and of course the price was right. I am almost having more fun with her then my high end Berninas. I have to get used to running her with the knee control.

      None of my friends want to tackle some of the Bonnie quilts. Too many pieces. BooHoo!! Oh well, they at least sew with me. Keep us up to date on your progress for the Talkin' Turkey quilt.