Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brown Winter

I am starting to have a serious case of "no snow" withdrawal.  I am a true Minnesota girl and I love it after a fresh snow.  The trees always look so beautiful with the snow hanging from their branches, the snow sparkles in the sunshine, and everything looks so pristine clean. The above picture shows the extent of our snow for January 7th. We had a light dusting during the night. Yesterday the ground was completely brown. New Mexico has had more snow then we have had. It is also so much fun to hole up for the day and sew.  BooHoo!! One thing about Minnesota, it seems like our weather goes from one extreme to another.  Waiting for snow!!!


  1. Hi Beth: I was born/raised in St. Paul and left in 1987 when I met my husband. I miss "home" every day. Since then I have lived in very HOT climates...TX, KS, CA, and now AZ. Can you say HOT? I HATE the heat!! For at least one week every summer, I spend it at a lake in the Walker/Hackensack area. It usually is cool at night. I welcome it!

    1. Hi Steph, I actually do not live too far from the Walker/Hackensack area. Our place is about 45 miles south of Brainerd. Yes, heat also does me in. Even as a child, I suffered from heat rash when the weather was too hot in the Mpls suburbs. Sure can empathize!!