Friday, January 6, 2012

A "DUH" Moment

Do you ever have some of those "DUH" moments? I know I just had one in the last couple of days. When I signed up for the UFO challenge, of course, I did not read everything as carefully as possible. Instead, I only skimmed the information. When listing my UFO's I did not take into consideration that each month a number would be drawn and that would be the UFO for the month. So the Orca Bay mystery by Bonnie Hunter was listed first because that is the one I want to work on while I am house sitting for my oldest daughter, Natalie, and her husband.

The number drawn for January is five. That is the quilt for my youngest daughter, Brenda. Hadn't planned on doing that one yet. The quilt was originally a shop model that I sewed several years ago. The colors are perfect for her bedroom but the issue is that the quilt is not big enough for her king-size bed. It will only fit a full-size bed. There was none of the main fabric left (brown/teal print) but I remembered that a friend of mine had ordered a kit of this quilt and had purchased extra to make it bigger. Well, long story short, I called her and asked if she had ever sewn the kit up. She answered "no" and didn't think she was going to but she was willing to sell me the fabric. Yaaaaa - now I can make the quilt bigger. Brenda will be glad because that means she may eventually get the quilt.

Moral of the story - Read the directions!!!! 



  1. Maybe you skimmed the directions but you get an A+ for resourcefulness is finding the needed fabric!

  2. Don't worry what stage your quilt is in. It just means you work on it this month. I have quite a few that are in to make the blocks, than to a flimsy. I happened to luck out with number 5,but I won't get it quilted this month, I have the borders almost done. I have been working on my Thimbleberries, I have finished block two three this week. It is a monthly quilt and thousand pieces I swear.