Sunday, January 1, 2012

New to blogging!

I've come to the realization that I need to start blogging. Procrastination has become a fine art with me and it is time to break the habit. By writing about my plans and committments, I hope to accomplish the completion of my many quilting UFO's and do some serious stash reduction. 

Since I have retired from working in a quilt shop and teaching quilting classes, it is now time to make the quilts that I want to make (sounds selfish, doesn't it?) and reduce the stash that I acquired over many years.  You know how that goes ---  you see it, you just have to buy it. Our house is well insulated and sound-proofed with stacks of fabric.

For 2012, I am making a resolution to start a stash report. The intent is to reduce the over-whelming amount of fabric in this house.

Also, I plan to create a UFO list for 2012. Hopefully I can reduce the pile of UFO's.

I think this is a good start, so Happy New Year ----



  1. Good job, Beth!! You just jumped right in and did it!
    I need to spend more time blogging, but kids' school, my quilting time and life seem to take precedence most days.
    It will be fun to follow along with your blogging growth.

  2. Welcome to blogging Beth. Am looking forward to another blogger here in the northern tier states to read!
    ~Jillian in North Dakota

  3. Beth, you might check out to link to Judy's UFO challenge and stash reporting. It's always fun to join in with others! Good job on your blog! I look forward to seeing what you do with it!

  4. You are off to a great start! I also just started blogging this year.