Tuesday, January 3, 2012

UFO Challenge 2012

Today I have been thinking about which items should be on my UFO list. There are so many that I was not sure where to start, so here is what I decided on:

1.  Orca Bay Mystery (Bonnie K. Hunter)
2.  Black, White & Bright
3.  Scrappy Bargello (Bonnie K. Hunter)
4.  Reflections quilt - queen size
5.  Brenda's quilt (for youngest daughter)
6.  Byron's quilt (son)
7.  Quilt utilizing fabric from guild members
8.  Blue and yellow log cabin
9.  Blue quilt for Quilts of Valor
10. Green quilt for Quilts of Valor
11. Blue Ridge Beauty (Bonnie K. Hunter)
12. Black X string quilt

The above should give me a good start on the stack of UFO's. Can you guess that I love Bonnie's quilts???  While I loved teaching beginning quilting classes, and the students were great, I am excited to make quilts that are a little more intense. In fact many of her patterns remind me of some of the early quilts I used to make back in the "stone age".  Also during those years, I would go to the local garment factory and purchase a huge trash size bag of scraps for 50 cents to make quilts. The long strips I gave to a local lady to weave rugs with. Many of the quilts made for fund raisers at our church were made from scraps from the garment factory. We bought very little yardage except for backgrounds (mainly white solid) and backings (mostly muslin). The factory sewed mainly sleepwear, so a lot of flannel and cotton blend fabrics were used in the quilts.


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  1. Great start on your blog and 2012, good job Beth! I too started sewing at 5, a doily with a brown dog head in one corner. I still remember sitting out in the sunshine struggling with that. I LOVE sewing!
    Sharyn in Kalama