Tuesday, January 10, 2012

UFO Challenge Project

Blogging is already helping my severe case of procrastination. Once a  commitment has been made, I work very hard to fulfill the commitment. So I am still working on the January pick for the 2012 UFO Challenge (number five on my UFO list).  The quilt has become quite a challenge all on it's own. De-constructing and then reassembly has turned out to be more work then I had considered it to be.  Two rows of blocks have been added to the center to help make the quilt bigger. A series of four more borders will be added to get this quilt to fit a king size bed. I started out with a top that measured 66 inches by 77 inches. It is now up to 77 inches by 88 inches. That will cover the top of the mattress. Once all the borders are added it should be 103 inches by 114 inches. Since it was possible to purchase extra fabric, I hope to make some shams to match the quilt. 

My private retreat in Fargo is starting this weekend, so I hope to have the top done on my UFO before I leave on Friday. Looking forward to working on Orca Bay next week. Now I do have several outings planned while I am there. There are a couple of "Sit & Sew" at two of the local shops and those are always fun and a chance to meet new people.


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