Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Stash Report

Used this Week:        0 yards
Used year to Date:   0 yards
Added this Week:     1 yards
Added Year to Date:  21 yards
Net Used for 2012:   -21 yards

Friday, on my way up to Fargo ND, I stopped at one of my favorite quilt shops in Perham, MN.  I did very well!!  I only bought two -- 1/2 yard cuts of sale fabric.  There were some really nice fabrics in the sale area, but I couldn't even think of a project that needed a backing at this time.  On my way past Detroit Lakes, MN, I notice a "store closing" sign on the quilt shop there.  It is sad to see some of the shops go out of business, but I understand why.  People are not in the fabric buying frenzy of a few years ago. Now a lot of us only purchase what we need to finish a project because we have so much on hand.

Once I finish some of the quilts I am currently working on, such as, Orca Bay Mystery and the quilt for my daughter, Brenda, a lot of fabric used will go on the report. Getting impatient to finish both of these projects. Trying not to start anything else until I do. Sometime I think I have short-term attention span when it comes to completing projects. I always want to be unto the next.  Guess that is why I am also doing the UFO challenge.


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  1. I'm the same way Beth. It never fails that before I finish a project I see at least one new quilt I want to make! Then I tend to rush through the current one so I can start on the next. LOL!!! My word for this year is ENJOY - I am determined to enjoy each project from start to last. That's my plan anyway! =^..^=