Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year & New Beginnings

This years goal is to practice new beginnings and begin to take small steps to break the procrastination cycle I have been in. I have been putting off machine quilting my friend's quilt and this is on my list of "To Do" for today. Because I am rather inexperienced at machine quilting, I am always concerned that it will not turn out as nice as I would like it to be. Should get over this. My friend brought me the quilt so I would have something more to practice on. My own quilts are no problem.

Second item on my UFO list is "Orca Bay" mystery by Bonnie K. Hunter. This is the first mystery of hers that I have done and it is absolutely awesome. Since I am going to stay at my daughter's house in Fargo for nine days in the middle of January, I am saving this project for during that stay (have started it -- to hard to resist working on it some). I will be house sitting and dog sitting while my daughter and her husband are on a cruise. What an awesome private retreat this will be. Last January I did the same thing and I got so much done. No cooking!!!

Third item on my UFO list is a "Black, White, and Bright" quilt that I started two years ago. This was going to be a published pattern, but I didn't get it done. It should be a fun quilt. I do have several published patterns and they were fun to do, but wasn't sure this was something I wanted to spend my time doing.

Fourth item isn't started but is still going on my list. As an outgoing President of my guild, I received fabric from the members and I would like to get a quilt done utilizing the fabric. There is a pattern of Bonnie K Hunter's that I do have in mind.

Stash reporting and "fabric diet" are serious goals for this year and I plan to keep a record of "stash in & stash out".  The only fabric that I plan to buy for 2012, will be what is needed to finish a project and it is not in my stash.


  1. The new blog looks great! I love the beautiful header photo! And I envy your January retreat! What fun that will be!

  2. Congratulations on your new blog; it's a fun read!

  3. Congrats on the new blog! Good for you, trying new things.

    For Machine Quilting, I learned a LOT from DVDs. She has free videos on her site to help you get started - I definitely learned from her.

    Happy New Year, and Keep quilting. Oh yes, one more thing. When I started my Blog, my DH groaned and said it would STEAL away all my time. On the contrary, I found it FEEDS me, and gives me MORE enthusiasm and energy. Hope it works that way for you.

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging! Great start!

  5. Good start! I'm looking forward to pictures. Shirley